Juicy Mokume Engagement Rings

Our signature Luxury design.  Undeniably gorgeous.

luxury mokume gane engagement ringLuxury Blue Sapphire Engagement RingSensual curves paved with diamonds arch up to support a large sapphire or diamond.  Our Juicy style rings evolved from the Juicy Liqueur Engagement Ring, named for its rich and vibrant colors. 

We offer you Juicy rings with paved fancy color diamonds and mokume gane, but also sleeker Modern Juicy rings which share Juicy Liqueur's curvaceous form. 

Choose your Liner Metal, your favorite Mokume Type, your Width, and your DiamondSapphire, Moissanite or Lab Created Diamond for the ultimate gorgeous engagement ring!
  • Mokume Juicy Light Bezel

    This version of our Juicy Light ring has two rows of gems on the top and bottom of the mokume band for added sparkle!

  • Juicy Light Bezel

    The center stone of your choice is set in a bezel setting. The elegant setting leads to the rest of the mokume band with small diamonds lining the top half.

  • Juicy Light

    Juicy Light, with styling similar to the Juicy Liqueur Engagement Ring, has four sculptural prongs embellished with pave set diamonds that taper halfway down the ring. Fashioned with a diamond adorned cross on the sides (sealed with a kiss), this unique engagement ring prominently features a four carat cushion-cut sapphire.

  • Juicy Goddess

    A masterpiece of an engagement ring for your inner goddess. Customize with your favorite mokume type, center stone, side stone and accent stone types.

  • Three Stone Juicy Liqueur

    This luxury engagement ring is a three stone version of the Juicy. In the main example, an emerald cut blue sapphire is adorned by two trapezoid diamonds . It features pave set diamonds all the way around the band. Mokume gane is inlaid around the band.

  • Juicy Liqueur

    Named for its rich and vibrant colors, this luxury engagement ring is a show stopper. The prominent center stone is wrapped by a gently rolled bezel.

  • Three Stone Juicy Light

    This luxury engagement ring is the new three-stone Juicy-inspired style! In this version, a princess cut diamond is adorned by two trillions. Pave-set accent diamonds graduate in color down the finger hole profile. Mokume gane is inlaid around the band.

  • Pave Delight Mokume Three Stone

    This luxury engagement ring is a hybridization of two of our popular ring styles. The curvaceous form of the band was modeled after the Mokume Ribbon, and the finger hole profile side was based on the Juicy Light.

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